Ex-Spurs boss Redknapp: Adebayor said ‘200k? I earn 225k-a-week!’

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says Emmanuel Adebayor was proud of the wages he earned.

Redknapp managed the striker during his spell in charge at Tottenham and revealed during an anecdote that the forward did not take kindly to the suggestion his wage packet was smaller than it was in reality.


Adebayor fell foul of a system that saw the worst Spurs player of the week donate a small sum to charity and was called out by teammate Sebastien Bassong when he failed to contribute.

“The worst player on a Friday used to pay a £50 fine to a local charity up the road – a little kids hospice,” Redknapp told BT Sport.

“And he [Adebayor] never paid his. And Sebastien Bassong said ‘Come on Ade, you earn £200,000-a-week and you haven’t paid £50 into the charity for being the worst player last week’.

And he [Adebayor] said ‘Don’t insult me – I earn 225’.”

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