Peruvian player struck by lightning during Copa Peru match, reports

A player in Peru was hospitalised on Wednesday night after being struck by lightning during the return leg of a Copa Peru match between Sport Aguila and Union Fuerza Minera, according to local media and rival club Union Fuerza Minera.

Joao Contreras, 21, suffered burns to his leg, a referee and another man were also injured, Union Fuerza Minera reported via their official Twitter account, adding that “all affected are out of danger, the boys are fine but had a terrible scare.”

Un jugador de Águila, Contreras, y el juez de línea Loayza fueron afectados por una descarga @antoarfinengo
– Unión Fuerza Minera (@CDUFuerzaMinera)

Video replay shows a cloud of smoke passing over Contreras seconds after the start of the second half, with the score at 1-1.

The game, which was being played under an intense rainstorm in Huancayo, was suspended. Union won the first leg, 6-3.

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