Pakistani man kills niece for listening to loud music – police

A teenage Pakistani girl has been shot dead by her uncle following a row over loud music, police said Tuesday.

The incident happened Saturday in the Kallar Kahar valley in Punjab province’s Chakwal district, around 120 kilometres(75 miles) from the capital Islamabad.

“The girl Rehana Bibi was alone at her home and was listening to music when her uncle Muhammad Gulistan came to her house and asked to lower the volume,” Sadat Ali, an official on duty at Kallar Kahar police station, said.

“On her refusal, they quarrelled and Gulistan shot her dead,” said Ali, adding that Bibi was aged about 17.

Another police official, Ali Akbar, said they were attempting to arrest the killer.

Police said they were not aware of any family feud leading up to the attack.

In Pakistan’s highly patriarchal and often violent society, women are frequently killed over minor issues or so-called matters of “honour”.

The Aurat Foundation, a campaign group that works to improve women’s lives in Pakistan, says more than 3,000 have been killed for “honour” since 2008.

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