Why Social Security Act is delayed – Olejeme

The Chairman of Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has attributed the delay in the passage of the Nigeria Social Security Act to legislative processes of harmonising the versions passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives.
The Social Security Act is a poverty safety net to prevent Nigerians from falling below the poverty line, through payment of stipulated stipends to Nigerians who have no visible means of survival.
Specifically, the Social Security will cater for the unemployed, and the elderly. The unemployed are expected to get off social security as soon as they secure jobs, Dr. Olejeme, who is an aspirant for the governorship ticket of Peoples Democratic Party, said that the proposed legislature has gone through the third and final reading in both chambers of the National Assembly but there are areas to be tied up through harmonization before it will be sent to the President for his ascent. The NSIFT boss said she does not envisage any
difficulties with the bill getting the signature of the President because he has shown so much interest in the coming into effect such a legislation that will help to uplift the human conditions in the country.
Olejeme said her mission in public service is “to improve on the welfare of Nigerian workers through the mandate of the NSIFT which she has helped to revive and to create a functional and reliable Pension system in the country.
“We have also empowered millions of Nigerians through the SURE-P programmes and we are proud to say that what we are doing at the federal level can be replicated in Delta State, where the people required focused leadership.”

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