Boko Haram Fight Among Themselves In Madagali,30 Killed

No fewer than 30 boko haram fighters were killed as a result of internal fighting among the sect members in Madagali LGA Adamawa state. The disagreement started when majority of the sect members decided that they will abandon the senseless killings and surrender all their weapons to the Army and plead for
mercy. Angered by this development, the other members accused the first group of betrayal and in the process, tempers were flared and guns corked. Serious exchange of gunfire occurred
between the group that wants to repent and the other faction that wants to continue their jihad. In the end, up to 30 BH members were killed. Now the group is split into 2 in Madagali.
Reports indicate that there is scarcity of fuel which are needed for their cars as a result of the current blockade of Michika-Madagali axis by the Nigerian Army which is causing a lot of apprehension among BH boys as they will have no cars to flee if the military enters those areas.

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