Man Lives in Boeing 727 Hidden Deep Inside Woods in USA (PHOTOS)

Its something you wouldn’t expect to find hidden deep inside the Oregon woods. Yet, that’s where this Boeing 727 is parked and there is a perfectly
legitimate reason why. For Bruce Campbell, its home. The 64-year-old told
The Blaze Monday that he has been living in the retired aircraft for years now.
Its genesis was sort of a slowly developing element, he explained. As a kid I saw videos of aircraft bone yards on TV and the concept sank in early in life and that just slowly evolved into use of
a retired aircraft for a home.
The plane, propped up with concrete pillars, can be found just outside the Portland area. I do live in the aircraft and its equipped with electricity, water and sewage, Campbell told TheBlaze.
The 64-year-old, who flies private and smaller planes, explained what he finds most appealing about living in the 727.
In a nutshell, aircrafts are among the finest structures mankind has built, he said. They are incredibly strong and able to withstand remarkable insults like high winds, dust and insects.
They are made of modern materials for the most part they are worlds above wood in longevity and they are designed with a certain sense beauty, he added.
Campbell did note, however, that the plane is not a complete project and may never be.
It only features a makeshift shower and only one of the restrooms is fully functional. The kitchen, he said, was thrown together rather hastily and only
consists of a few appliances thrown together.
Nevertheless, Campbell is dedicated to his lifestyle choice and said he is currently working to purchase
a plane in Japan.

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