The Story Of Asiye Engiz

Asiye Engiz

She was only a year old when her house burned down and her life was changed forever. Even though they got her out on time to save her life, they were not able to help her before she suffered from very,very bad burns to her face and body. She has never been to school because of the way she looks.

Her family took her to every doctor and they all said the same thing. Nothing can be done about it. She had to live the rest of her life looking like this. After realizing she will have to live the rest of her life this way, she never left her house. She literally stayed in her room for 41 years. She has no friends, no social life, no self esteem, nothing.

Until 2012, when she went to Gaziantep University Faculty of Medicine. She met Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mutaf.

What is amazing is that, She did not have a face transplant. Prof. Dr Mehmet Mutaf used her OWN TISSUE to reconstruct her face. Doctor used, cartilage and Bone taken from her ribs, hair from her head for her eyebrows, her skin tissue from her arm, also fat from her body to shape(3d) her face and finally used skin from her neck to make skin on her face. I hope I translated that correctly from that chart.
This surgery was a great success for the
patient and is hope for many other people who have suffered life changing injuries to their face.

“This is her after her surgery. Mind you, her face is still swollen and recovering and will look much better than this.”

“Prof. Dr Mehmet Mutaf, Asiye Engiz & the rest of the team.”

Below is BEfORE and AFTER photos


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