Phyno reacts to alleged Pregnancy with supposed girlfriend Rita Edmond

The Nigerian media was awash with the Story that rapper Phyno got singer Rita Edmond pregnant and she wants to abort it but he is begging her to keep it. The report also claims he sent her on a
holiday to Dubai. Both parties were contacted by Punch. While Phyno vehemently denied, she said she is dating a rapper but didn’t call names…looks like she circulated the story then..
Here is Phyno’s response :
“Believe it or not, I’ve never met or spoken to anyone by that name. I haven’t made any woman pregnant either. If people need three seconds of
fame I’m glad that my name could help,”

When source contacted Rita for her reaction, she was evasive. After much persuasion, she decided to open up. But she ended up saying, “The only information I can give you is that I am in love with a rap artiste. I don’t want to mention his name.
Since different stories are flying around, I am trying to understand where everybody got their story from. “Of course, I had a vacation in Dubai and
I am back in Nigeria.”


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