Court Sentences Policeman To Death By Hanging

A police officer, Corporal Anthony Azare has been sentenced to death by hanging for intentionally killing one Mallam Yusif Abubakar.

He was sentenced by a high court judge in Kaura Namoda local government area of Zamfara State.
The police officer was said to have illegally broke into the matrimonial residence of the deceased without any lawful permit. The deceased trying to defend himself hit the accused with a pestle and he responded by using an AK47 rifle to shoot Yusif on the shoulder and lower abdomen, which led to his instantaneous death.
In the case of the trial which dragged on for almost three years, the unit commander of the Kaura Namoda Police Division, ASP Benedict Gowon, helped the court establish that the accused was on “illegal patrol” when the incidence happened.
Delivering the judgement, Justice Muktar Yushau, said Rule 237 of the use of fire arms specifically defines areas to shoot for self- defence when the attacker possessed a less potent weapon, but said that, in this this instance, the accused has used a more harmful weapon, “with the intention to kill”.
The accused was thereby sentenced to death by hanging for intentional, culpable homicide.


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