Before you can enjoy data on Nigeria
networks, you need to configure your mobile phone. Some phones referred to as china (chinco) doesn’t receive
configuration automatically so this
has made their users feel they can’t browse on their phone. I have seen a friend that has over 500MB free data on his phone given to him by glo for recharging, but he was unable to use it
because he doesn’t have glo configuration settings on his mobile
Today, I want to share how anybody can configure his/her mobile phone manually and automatically. By the
end of this post, you will be able to configure your phone manually if
it doesn’t receive automatic configuration settings irrespective of
the model you’re using.

MTN Automatic Settings
send SETTINGS to 3888 through SMS. If your phone can receive the settings automatically, a settings will be sent to you which you will be required to save. But if your phone doesn’t receive the settings, follow the manual settings as illustrated below.
MTN Manual Settings
•Name : MTN
•IP Address:
•Port: 8080
•Username: web
•Password: web
•Access point name (APN): web.gprs.mtnnigeria. net
•Homepage: wap.mtnonline. com
The above settings is for 3G/3.5G/GPRS wap and full internet browsing

ETISALAT does not have any code for automatic configuration settings, whenever you insert an
ETISALAT sim card into a mobile phone that can accept automatic configuration settings, ETISALAT will automatically send you a new configuration setting which you must save on your phone in
order to access the internet through your phone. But in case your
phone does not accept an automatic
configuration use the settings below.
ETISALAT Manual Settings:
•Access point name (APN): etisalat
•IP Address:
•Port: 8080
•Username: (Leave blank)
•Password: (Leave blank)
•homepage : com. ng

Before you can use your AIRTEL sim to browse, you need to activate it first. There are two ways to activate your
AIRTEL for internet.
The first method can be done via online at com while the second method is done by
calling their customer care service through 111.

AIRTEL Automatic Settings
By now you must have activated your sim as illustrated above if you haven’t used it before.
Text internet (space)Phone model (space)
Phone model number as SMS to 232.
For example, if you want to receive an
automatic configuration settings for a Nokia 3230, You will text Internet Nokia 3230 as SMS to 232.

AIRTEL Manual Settings
•Name: Airtel NG
•Access point name: com
•Username: wap
•Password: wap

GLO Automatic Settings
To receive GLO 3g internet setting, text
using a 3g mobile phone.

Glo wap settings :text your
PHONE NAME & MODEL as SMS to 927 e.g. Nokia 3230 to 927

GLO Manual Settings
For Glo 3G/3.5G manual configuration
•Name: Glo 3G
•IP Address:
•Port: 3130
•Username: wap
•Password: wap
•Access point name (APN): glo3gvideo
•Homepage: http://cms.gloworld. com

Glo Wap Manual Configuration (With
Internet subscription bundle)

•Account name: Glo Flat
•Access point name: gloflat
•IP Address:
•Port: 3130
•Username: flat
•Password: flat

Glo Wap Manual Configuration (Direct without any subscription plan)
Account name: Glo Direct
•Access point name: glosecure
•IP Address:
•Port: 3130
•Username: secure
•Password: secure


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