Tornadoes hit Illinois; five reported killed

Michelle Crumrine was out of town when a tornado tore through her neighbourhood. She returned to Washington, Illinois, to find pieces of
her life strewn about where her house once stood.
“A lot of people have a pile of rubble still,” she said, “and I don’t have anything. … It’s gone. I don’t know where it went.”
Nearby, rescuers with flashlights trudged through the neighbourhood in the dark of night, searching for signs of life in the wreckage.
As a severe weather system slammed the Midwest on Sunday, spawning dozens of tornadoes, flash floods
and hail, this town of 10,000 people was among the hardest hit. A neighbourhood was flattened, at least one person died and dozens in the area were injured.
Across the state, officials said five people were killed in storms.
In two communities, storms destroyed at least 70 homes, according to Jonathon Monken, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Rescuers were trying to reach people trapped in their basements, he said. One hospital in Peoria was treating 37 patients with injuries.
The outbreak also forced fans to evacuate the stands for nearly two hours during an NFL game in Chicago.
“It was complete destruction,” said Anthony Khoury, who lives in Washington. “There are people in the
streets crying.” As a tornado neared his home, Khoury prayed and recorded a video of the dark twister churning toward him.


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