Things Men Find Irresistible In A Woman

Every lady should be aware of those things men find irresistible in a woman, what they appreciate and what they don’t like. It is very difficult to find out
what men think and want because each individual has its own understanding of how things work. I have done series of research to find out those things men find irresistible in women. They are:
Independent Woman: Men don’t like seeing women depend on them, they like those know what they
want in life, have their own carriers and hobbies, as the family will be built by both efforts. This as well gives the man hope that even in his absence, his
children are safe and can be taken care of. This makes marriage very strong..
Best Friend: Men want their wife to be their best friend, someone they can trust, complain to and share concerns with. Any marriage where couples don’t share issues together will always have problem(s) in the short/long run.
Sweet and Beautiful: Yes, This one is general with every man, they always want their wife to look beautiful, but in some cases they want sweet caring wife that can love and take good care of them, they also love a good sense of humour. If you don’t know how to handle problems with a smile, go and learn it.
Pressure Lady: Men don’t want to be pressured to do anything, they love pressure free woman, who will
not always nag them. Every woman should give the husband some privacy, so it will be great if she doesn’t call or regularly send him messages, chats, pings or call every minute and hour, its so boring.
Sexy: Men love their women to be sexy not trashy. This is one of the main things that attract men to women. Women have their best part of the
body that they like and love most.. so highlight your best physical asset because that is your selling point and also learn how to dress like a lady.
Well mannered woman: Nothing embarrasses men the most than that of their wife… go learn some
simple ethics. Appreciate your man, encourage him to do more, show him unconditional love and support.
Your Reasoning: The most thing a man can appreciate from the wife is her reasoning. Try as much as possible to contribute ideas..Ask your husband questions and contribute your idea, as your idea may be the upliftment you are looking for.

Ka Chineke Mezie Okwu!

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