Brand new Car/Truck tyres @ No. 79 Onitsha/Owerri Road, Mgbidi, Oru-west L.G.A, Imo state…

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Tecno World

Tecno Phones and Prices in Nigeria

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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World

Here are Top 10 Most Expensive Watches…..
10. Brequet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12 – $734,000.

The 18-karat gold very stylish pocket watch. It is hand engraved and features a silver face of exquisite workmanship. A secure watch chain is called for after you have traded an old watch for this piece.

9. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication – $800,000.

The Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication is a pretty cool watch to wear around. The case is made with platinum, and the watch strap is made out of crocodile skin. The engine parts are made of 740 pieces of handmade parts and components. Thats why it’s one of the most complex wristwatches ever made in the world.

8. Louis Moinet Magistralis – $860,000.

Magistralis is a majestic unique piece and Grande Complication.This remarkably stylish man’s watch contains a genuine piece of meteorite that was found on the moon. After you have traded in your old watch for this, you will have no excuse about what day of the year it is as it has a perpetual calendar mechanism.

7. Hublot Black Caviar Bang – $1 million.

Hublot’s Black caviar watch was a draw dropper when it came out in 2009. Well, it has long since raised the bar. But this wristwatch, covered in 501 baguette-cut black diamonds and 18-carat white gold is a classic, surprisingly understated piece.

6. Chopard Super Ice Cube . $1.1 million.

This Swiss-made watch has 60-karats of diamonds cut into perfect cubes. This luxury watch and bracelet is water resistant to 100 feet and also resistant to scratches. What woman would not want her old watch traded for this beautiful diamond watch?

5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon . $1.3 million.

The most complex wrist watch ever made by Patek Phillipe. It has the night sky on one side that has precision that is all of its own. The front is also complex with date and the moon phases. This is an amazing watch and a piece of modern art.

4. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle . $1.5 million.

The Tour de I’lle is a complicated wrist watch manufactured by the Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin. It was released in 2005 to commemorate the manufacturer’s 250th anniversary. This 18 karat gold watch has a blue sapphire non-reflective glass. It is a two sided watch that is definitely worth being traded for.

3. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time . $4 million.

The Platinum World Time created by Patek Philippe was sold at auction for over $4 million USD in 2002. It is believed that only one was created and, at the time, it was the most expensive wristwatch in the world. This watch winds itself and you find the time anywhere in the world. This watch has a variety of finishes to choose from, yellow, white and rose gold and platinum for the discerning buyer.

***a super intelligent wristwatch**

…and once again Ladies and Gentlemen; Patek Philippe! 

2. Patek Philippe Super Complication . $11 million.

The 18-karat gold pocket watch made by Patek Philippe for banker Henry Graves Jr. in 1933 required five years to design and build. It possessed 24 “complications,” or mechanical features beyond basic timekeeping, including a different chronological function for each hour of the day.It was the most complicated watch ever created and the most expensive watch ever sold at auction.

1. Chopard 210 karat . $26 million.

This masterpiece is so expensive, that there is no listing price. With its 201 karats of coloured diamonds, the watch looks more like a bracelet. It is a spectacular piece of jewellery first and a timepiece second. This watch is beautiful and simple time piece that looks like it is surrounded by flowers.

**C’est Fini***

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‘Half-headed’ man arrested — again

A man who was a viral sensation a few years ago because he has half a head is back in the news.

Carlos Rodriguez, 31, was arrested earlier this week in Miami on arson and first-degree attempted murder charges.

Police say Rodriguez set a mattress on fire in his duplex, with two people inside at the time. Officers found Rodriguez in the backyard of the home and took him into custody.

Far from his first brush with the law, Rodriguez shot to internet stardom years ago after his 2010 arrest for solicitation of a prostitute. In his mugshot, the entire front portion of his skull is sunken in, like a giant scoop of his head taken out. People claimed the picture had to be fake.

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Weirdly Artistic Hairstyles vol 1

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Luxury en-suite cell found in Paraguay Prison…..

Polic in Paraguay raided a drug lord’s prison cell, only to find he was living a life of luxury.

In the three-room cell, they found a conference room, plasma screen television, library and kitchen.

The interior of the cell, which was occupied by Brazilian drug lord Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, has now been destroyed, media in Paraguay report.

Police had learned Pavao was planning to escape by using explosives to blow a hole in the wall of the prison.

Pavao was due to complete his sentence formoney laundering next year, at the end of which he was likely to face extradition to Brazil.

He has now been transferred to a special unit away from his luxury cell in Tacumbu prison, near the capital Asuncion.

An investigation is now under way to see which officials had allowed Pavao to set up his life of luxury.


Prisoners at Tacumbu told Agence France-Presse that anyone wanting to stay in the luxury unit had to pay Pavao a one-off fee of $5,000 (£3,778) and a weekly rent of $600.

The cell also had air conditioning, comfortable furniture, an en-suite bathroom and a DVD collection…..

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Okada Man Strips Unclad During Struggle With Man-o-war Officers In Lekki (pics)

As seen on Lekki Phase-1 second roundabout today. The Okada man struggled and took off his clothes in a desperate attempt to get his seized bike back. Eventually they let him go after they failed to restrain him. photos below…




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‘Exam topper’ sent to jail for cheating

Ms Rai was arrested immediately after a panel of examiners who retested her cancelled her results….


An Indian student has been sent to jail for cheating after she failed a retest.

Ruby Rai, 17, ranked first in the Bihar state exams – but said in a video interview that her main subject political science was about cooking.

After the video went viral, Ms Rai was made to re-sit her exams, and was arrested after she failed and had her original results cancelled.

She was produced in court on Sunday where a magistrate sent her to jail until 8 July.

The decision to send her to prison has been criticised given that she is a minor and should, therefore, be sent to a detention home for juveniles.

The Hindu newspaper quoted Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj as saying that Ms Rai would have to “prove” that she was a minor. He did not specify how.

One state minister told reporters that authorities needed to make the system accountable instead of punishing students.

Meanwhile, arrest warrants have been issued for several other students who performed well in the exams, including Saurabh Shrestha who topped the science stream, but later could not say that H2O was water.

The AFP news agency quoted police as saying that another 18 people had been arrested.

Examiners who retested Ms Rai told reporters they were “shocked” by her performance. When asked to write an essay about the Indian poet Tulsidas, she only wrote “Tulsidas ji pranam (Salutations to Tulsidas)”.

Last year, parents of students in the state were photographed climbing school walls to pass on answers.

The embarrassed state government had announced tough measures like fines and jail terms, intended to curb cheating this year.

The markedly lower pass rate seen in the results announced last month was taken as an indication that the steps had worked.

That is, of course, until the footage of Ms Rai’s interview was aired.

BBC © 2016

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